Placements are available for the below routes for work experience, these are the routes to profession within the creative industry. If you are a learner please view the placements on offer for your chosen sector, you can read details about the placement and then begin the application process.

Digital and Creative Industries

The routes are specialised and across the creative sector, as these routes are specialist please speak to a Talent dock member of staff who can advise you of the range of placements within this sector from digital to performance.

Routes begin from computer to media Within this sector and branch out to performing arts and music, this is a very diverse sector within our college and here you will find specialist placements linked to your chosen specialism across performance and digital companies.

View all our Digital and Creative Industries Work Experience programmes below.

For the Employer

We constantly seek new placements for our placement bank form companies to develop and further learners skills and experience, if you can help and offer a placement please fill in the enquiry form and a representative from the department will make an appointment with you.